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High temperature oxygen-free oven

High temperature oxygen-free oven

Keywords: Semiconductor specific equipment



Application introduction: Mainly doing BPO glue/PI glue/BCB glue curing, IC (wafer, CMOS, Bumping, TSV, MEMS, fingerprint identification), FPD, high-precision electronic components, electronic ceramic materials dust-free drying, electrical products, Drying and aging tests of materials, spare parts, etc. in high-temperature clean and oxygen-free environments.

Main features: The box body is made of all-ceramic fiber insulation, which has the characteristics of fast heating and energy saving. The unique air supply and exhaust system ensures uniform temperature in the furnace box. The glass fiber filter at the air suction port ensures cleanliness requirements.

(1) Technical indicators and basic configuration:

1.1 Operating temperature: RT+10~400℃, maximum temperature: 450℃;

1.2 Empty furnace cooling time: 375℃--80℃; cooling time 1.5-3.5 hours (using water cooling and air cooling);

1.3 Temperature uniformity: ±2%℃ (400℃ platform)

(2) Oxygen content (oxygen analyzer):

Oxygen content in high temperature state: ≤ 50ppm + gas source oxygen content;

Low temperature state oxygen content: ≤100ppm + gas source oxygen content

(3), event output:

3.1 Equipped with PLC, it can realize multi-event output control of atmosphere, water and other switches and alarms;

3.2 Control: The upper and lower furnace chambers can have separate temperature control, ventilation, and alarm protection;

(4)Customized or multi-cavity body can be accepted

(5). Product model: