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HMDS oven

HMDS oven

Keywords: Semiconductor specific equipment



(1) Advantages of HMDS pretreatment system:

1.1 The pretreatment performance is better. Since it is HMDS treatment after several nitrogen replacements, there is no dust interference; furthermore, because this system puts "water removal baking" and HMDS treatment in the same process, the It is carried out in a container. The wafer is first dewatered and baked at 100℃-200℃ in the container, and then is processed by HMDS. There is no need to transfer it out of the container, so the chance of the wafer absorbing water molecules is greatly reduced, and the treatment effect is better. .

1.2 Processing is more uniform. Because it is applied to the wafer surface in the form of vapor, it has better uniformity than liquid coating.

1.3 High efficiency. Liquid coating is a single-wafer operation, and this system can handle up to 4 boxes of wafers at a time.

1.4 Save more liquid medicine. Practice has proven that the amount of liquid used to coat a single wafer with liquid HMDS is more than the amount of liquid used to process 4 boxes of wafers using this system;

1.5 More environmentally friendly and safer. HMDS is a toxic chemical. When people inhale it, it will cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, irritation to the chest, respiratory tract, etc. Since the whole process is completed in a closed environment, no one will come into contact with the liquid and the medicine. Its steam is safer, and its exhaust gas is pumped directly to the exhaust gas treatment machine by a mechanical pump, so it will not cause pollution to the environment.

(2). Overall machine size and vacuum chamber size:

2.1 Vacuum degree: 150Pa; using vacuum pump

2.2 Heating method: heating around the outside of the cavity

2.3 Temperature: RT+10℃~200℃; microcomputer temperature controller, precise and reliable temperature control.

2.4 Temperature control accuracy: ±2%℃ (within 200℃);

2.5 Can hold about 100 2-inch LED chips;

2.6 The unboxing temperature can be set by the user to reduce the process time (the normal process is between 50 minutes and 90 minutes (the baking time depends on the product requirements)), which is a normal working cycle and does not include cooling time (because the cooling time is conventional cooling) ));