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Atmosphere control mesh belt furnace

Atmosphere control mesh belt furnace

Keywords: Semiconductor specific equipment



(1)Application fields:

1.1 Copper thick film firing

1.2 Metal oxidation

1.3 Metal brazing

1.4 Metal and glass sealing

1.5 Research on annealing of glass films

1.6 Other high temperature special atmosphere applications

(2) Features:

2.1 Precise air introduction

2.2 The heating element heats quickly and evenly

2.3 Reliable conveyor system adapts to a wide range of loading configurations

2.4HMI has built-in analysis, data and event logs

2.5 Can be customized to meet specific processing requirements


Typical parameters


Maximum operating temperature (℃)



Atmosphere of use

N2, H2, O2 and other atmosphere combinations


optional controls

Accurate oxygen content/dew point control/online detection of indicators


Mesh belt width (mm)


Note 1

Belt speed range (mm/min)



Temperature uniformity(℃)


Note 2

Control temperature zone



cooling method

Air convection/forced air cooling/water cooling


Note 1: Typical mesh belt width is 250/350/500/650/915;
Note 2: Different standards can be achieved according to different control methods;