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Programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Keywords: Semiconductor specific equipment










Performance parameters

temperature range


Relative humidity


temperature uniformity


temperature fluctuation


Humidity deviation

+2、 -3%R.H

Heating rate

1~3℃/min (average heating rate)

cooling rate


Temperature and humidity range
and cooling characteristics



Control System


Imported brand true color touch screen temperature and humidity program controller, large program capacity, humanized functional design, easy to use.

basic skills

Temperature and humidity program, current and historical data curve display, data recording function, fault reminder and solution recommendation,

control precision

Setting accuracy: temperature 0.1℃, indication accuracy: temperature 0.1℃

 Temperature Sensor

Platinum resistor PT100

Materials and Structure


Made of cold-rolled steel plate, with rounded corners and integrated graphic design, it has a beautiful appearance.

Box rust-proof

Anti-rust pre-treatment is carried out before spraying, and then electrostatic spraying has excellent anti-rust function.

Inner bladder

SUS304/2B stainless steel plate, the inner tank adopts arc design for easy maintenance.

Insulation Materials

Ultra-fine glass insulation cotton or polyurethane foam.

Motor heat dissipation

The box is particularly deep and combined with axial fan ventilation to greatly improve motor heat dissipation.


Customized stainless steel fin-type electric heating tube, which dissipates heat evenly and has a long service life.

Observation window

Hollow conductive film electric defrost observation window for convenient observation.


The high-quality silicone sealing strip is customized from the mold, and a special defrosting device is installed on the door frame to always keep the sealing strip flexible.


The multi-wing centrifugal impeller is used for powerful air supply circulation to avoid any dead spots and evenly distribute the temperature and humidity in the test area.


Brand new external isolation box humidifier, customized high-quality long-life heating tube, anti-dry burning, easy maintenance.

Water filling port

The front side of the box has an evacuation-type water inlet and has a liquid level display function, which greatly facilitates the equipment to add water.

Waterway system

Automatic water supply for equipment is realized through high-quality water pumps and liquid level controllers. The waterway system uses large-diameter silicone pipes or
PPR pipes for water supply and drainage to prevent waterway blockage.

Cooling System


The original imported French "Taikang" fully enclosed refrigeration compressor is equipped with a compressor condensate water receiving plate.

Refrigeration method

Mechanical compression single-stage/cascade refrigeration, air cooling or water cooling;


Fin-type radiator, high-quality external rotor motor;


R23, R404A environmentally friendly refrigerants;

system design

The heating, cooling and humidification systems adopt independent designs, with reliable operation, high efficiency and low failure rate.

Other accessories

The filter, main solenoid valve, etc. are imported high-quality accessories.

 safety devices

Power leakage protection, motor overload protection, compressor overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent protection, phase loss protection, equipment
safety grounding protection terminal, overtemperature protection.

 Standard equipment

A set of sample racks, a φ50mm or medium 100mm cable hole, high-quality universal pulleys and fixed support structures, a
glass observation window with electric thermal defrost function, and a window lighting.

 Optional accessories

Economical temperature and humidity program controller; computer communication function; special sample holder; all-stainless steel shell with special treatment of oil film drawing.